Poieni Products

Poieni NUTRI

A Romanian brand with a long tradition, of over 50 years, Poieni has been relaunched to better meet the needs of today’s modern consumer
The Nutri range is positioned at the intersection of delicious and nutritious, with recipes specially designed to resolve the most difficult conflict in the confectionery market: TASTY and HEALTHY
The recipes are specially created for children aged 5 to 18 and their mothers, so that the products are loved by the little ones and appreciated by mothers.
We offer children delicious and cool biscuits (in terms of packaging, campaigns), which children will not hesitate to take out of their backpacks at school.
For mothers, we focused on nutrition and improved the recipes of the new biscuits with vitamins, magnesium and fiber, so that they can have peace of mind when giving the biscuits to their children, knowing that they do not give them sweets with no nutritional value.

Poieni CHOCO

Biscuits specially designed for young people;
Ideal for those who love chocolate and need an additional source of energy or happiness;
The finest biscuits, with chocolate glaze for a superlative pleasure experience;
The glaze is an improved one, made in such a way as to withstand a higher temperature than the average;
Introducing a product inspired by Australia’s best-selling biscuit, which expands existing ranges in RO: the glazed sandwich.


With 9% multifiber (40% more than the market average), the new digestives represent the most advanced digestion concept in RO at the moment;
The biscuits contain a unique mix of 4 types of fiber: wheat, oats, apple and chicory;
With wheat fiber bran, which helps speed up intestinal transit

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